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We are building a platform that enables users to verify, sell, and completely control their data.

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Meet Veritoken

Veritoken is a blockchain protocol enabling verified user-owned data where brokers can pay individuals for their contact information and time. The tokens allow for privacy and control for users engaged on platforms that utilize Veritoken for their social graph backplane.

Users choose when their information is public and when it is hidden.

The Problem

What good is operating in the information age if we can’t trust the information?

There’s a mounting trail of bodies when it comes to corporations who were given trusted data and violated users’ trust: Facebook, Equifax, Cambridge Analytica, Sony. Europe has responded with data protection regulations (GDPR), and the rest of the world will soon follow. This is a massive paradigm shift, one that most data owners are not prepared for.

Data security, privacy and ownership are increasingly significant matters—not just to corporations, but to individuals as well.

The Solution

The Veritoken platform eliminates data silos and provides each individual ownership of their own data via blockchain.

Once given the tools to manage and license their own datastores via blockchain, a user will reap the benefits as a secure individual, and as a result, so will the society at large.

The Technology

Veritoken takes inspiration from Ethereum smart contracts, allowing compartmentalization and licensing of specific data.

Through the process of creating a cryptocurrency wallet, a user can associate that address with their identity. Their wallet can then become the repository for all data and data licenses they acquire from Data Oracles. These child smart-contracts will contain all the required licensing information.

It’s in this manner that the user then becomes the authoritative record holder and can grant limited or unlimited licenses to the data in their ownership. Some types of data can be freely licensed (like diploma data, for instance). Other types might need to be kept private or have limited time licenses (such as credit score data).

Human Resources

Although in recent years the number of jobs filled have increased overall, it has disproportionately come from higher-skilled professions. With the average job posting now receiving 240 resume applications, it has become more difficult than ever for candidates to stand out and for employers to find and verify the right hire.


Gov't & Identity

Citizenship has become a hot topic as of late, primarily around undocumented immigration and border protection. It's extremely difficult for governments to verify people's identities, citizenship status, passports, driver's licenses and visas in a timely manner because the process requires a substantial amount of time and effort, and bureaucracy.


Food Provenance

The increased collective consumer desire to buy directly from other people has led to a burgeoning industry of counterfeits, as well as product mislabeling claiming foodstuffs of incorrect sourcing or origin, such as false claims of being "Organic!" The counterfeit goods industry is now a $461 billion industry that is growing by the day.


Meet The Team

Anne Ward


  • Founder: CircleClick
  • O’Reilly Author
  • Futurist, Tech Pundit

Mark Hopkins


  • IBM Futurist
  • Blockchain Evangelist
  • Partner, Barista Ventures

Soni McKnight

Chief of Staff

  • Seasoned Entrepreneur
  • 10+ years Project Management, Recruiting & HR Administration

Veritoken Advisors

Jason Dekker

CEO at GoChain

Brittany Kaiser

Former Business Development Director: Cambridge Analytica, Co-Founder: Bueno Capital

Tor Bair

Head of Growth/Marketing at Enigma, MIT MBA

John Sutton

Global Food Importer, Partner: SBP Holdings

Richard Margolin

CTO & Co-Founder, RoboKind

Our Roadmap

Phase One

Business Development and Standards Development

Veritoken will introduce an ERC20 Token, which will be used as the form of payment between blockchain participants (e.g. candidates and recruiters). Our first phase of development will be working with our partners in the data provision side of the marketplace to better understand the economics around the service of providing data.

Phase Two

Semi-Federated Model, HR, Talent and Recruiting-focused

Develop a reference implementation for the HR, Talent and Recruiting industry. This proof-of-concept will require the development of blockchain-based underpinnings, as well as a traditional LAMP or MEAN stack style infrastructure for a website.

Phase Three

Maturation of the Technology

By Phase 3, we expect the blockchain ecosystem to have matured to the point where we can make the determination as to whether Veritoken will live on as an Ethereum-based blockchain or migrate to its own blockchain. Ultimately, it is the goal of Veritoken to operate on a single-tenant blockchain that is Proof-of-Stake and Turing Complete.

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