Blockchain-Based Identity Verification & Attention Compensation


Blockchain-Based Identity Verification & Attention Compensation


Company Mandate

VeriToken aims to build a platform that creates a much-needed layer of trust & transparency in the digital space. Put simply, we are a database of blockchain verified personal information where users pay candidates and interested parties directly for their contact information and time. The tokens allow for confidentiality and control for the candidates.

Individuals can choose when their information is in the public domain or when it is hidden. For information requests, the database allows ultimate search ability, information verification, and the capability to guarantee candidate engagement. Future applications for verification and time compensation include job recruiting, online dating, marketing, education, and networking.


Blockchain is ideal for the verification and storage of information.

The value of getting someone’s attention has increased exponentially.

2.4 billion ERC20 tokens authorized on the blockchain.

Vision and Market Opportunity

In the past few years, the amount of available information has grown exponentially, especially when it pertains to personal data. Simultaneously, the ability to access information and contact information has improved dramatically. This newfound access to data and connectivity has shown in the job and networking sectors, with over 250 resumes submitted per job posting, over 467 million people on LinkedIn, and 40% of Americans now using online dating. With this increase in access to data, misinformation has become increasingly problematic. According to HireRight’s 2017 employment screening benchmark report, 85% of employers have caught applicant lying on their resumes. A recent LendEDU study showed that 34% of people lie on their LinkedIn profile, and, in 2017, eHarmony released findings that showed 53% of online dating profiles contained false information. The prevalence of misinformation and desire to connect with others creates a significant opportunity for VeriToken: verify personal information and provide the ability for verified people to be compensated for their time and attention using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. VeriToken is targeting the recruiting industry for its initial launch, specifically in the professional and highly competitive sectors where companies on average spend $4000 recrutiing and verifying a candidate. Near-term expansion includes general connectivity, marketing, online dating, and education.

Why blockchain is ideal for identity management, HR, and Talent

User-controlled identity verification – Whether it is Google, Experian, or ID Analystics, many companies collect personal information without compensating users or allowing them to dictate how the information is used. VeriToken flips the script, giving power to the people by allowing users to dictate how their verified data is used, who can see it, and how much they can charge for it. Transparency via blockchain – All data is collected is time-stamped, meaning that if data was updated or changed, people seeing the information would be able to see the updated information in real-time. Being decentralized, blockchain technology cannot be hacked or edited, further improving trust in users’ credentials. HR 2.0 – Resume, education, and talent verification is a lengthy and expensive process for companies. Blockchain technology solves these issues by verifying and permanently storing candidates credentials, removing inaccurate data, and eliminating expensive intermediary checking services. With skill sets, experience, and other factors stored on the blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence can quickly help corporations find the ideal candidate for the position. Outside of the traditional employment, blockchain boosts the gig economy, allowing workers to verify their skills and background, thereby increasing trust between workers and their customers.

Why VeriToken is ideal for Cryptocurrency Investment

Basic Attention Token, a case study – Basic Attention Token is a company who created a token with a very specific function: allowing digital advertisers to pay users to view digital advertisements. On May 31, 2017, their ICO went live…..and received purchase orders for over $174 million in 30 seconds. As of January 10. 2018, their market cap has exceeded $797 million. As a more general attention-based token with the added ability to verify data, in an environment where people are more passionate and aware of ICOs than ever, VeriToken plans to quickly become a major player in the cryptocurrency market. A team with proven results – VeriToken is ran and advised by Devon Zielinski, Jim Durbin, and Mark Hopkins. Devon Zielinski is a former National Entrepreneur of the Year, Wharton School of Business Innovation Grant Recipient, MIT StartIAP alum, and technologist. Jim Durbin is one of the most well connected and respected recruiting experts in the industry. Mark Hopkins, an IBM Futurist and former editor at Mashable, is known as “Dr. Bitcoin”. Mark and his team at Roger Wilco have been influencers within the cryptocurrency community since 2010. Previous ICOs they have helped run have raised over $40 million to date.

VT News

Security risks in online dating apps

A recent Kaspersky Labs investigation shows security risks are common in popular online dating apps, leaving users vulnerable to identity theft, harassment, and hacking. 

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