Your Digital Legacy, Protected.

Veritoken Global utilizes the blockchain to create a unique digital footprint, protected for future generations.

Create. Control. Connect.

Introducing Legacy Locket

Imagine knowing about your great great great great grandparents childhood, preserved indefinitely within the blockchain. How exciting to actually know them, learn about them as actual people, not just ancestors from long ago.

With Legacy Locket, you can create that for your generations to come.

"NFTs can do everything cryptocurrency promises."

"2019 will be a year of firsts for cryptocurrency"

"Putting theories into practice and enabling blockchain technology"

"Blockchain allows us the ability to self-regulate"

"What we thought of as privacy 20 years ago no longer exists."

"We have no idea what services [on the internet] are going to do with your information"

How Does Legacy Locket Work?

By utilizing the unique functionality of the blockchain, we are able to protect and secure your data, i.e. your digital afterlife.

Simply visit our profile builder and within minutes you can create a unique page which will then be uploaded to the blockchain. Legacy Locket houses your chosen personal data and preferences, allowing one to live forever within the blockchain.

Safe - Protected - Trustworthy

Legacy Locket Screenshots

Veritoken Advisors

Jason Dekker

CEO at GoChain

Brittany Kaiser

Former Business Development Director: Cambridge Analytica, Co-Founder: Bueno Capital

Tor Bair

Head of Growth/Marketing at Enigma, MIT MBA

Steve Sarner

VP at Goodreads (An Amazon Company)

Naomi Assaraf

Founder & CMO at cloudHQ

Joel Ward

Sr. Decision Scientist (Machine Learning) at Conversant

John Sutton

Global Food Importer, Partner: SBP Holdings

Richard Margolin

CTO & Co-Founder, RoboKind

Neale Drozario

SVP Technology, Arch Capital Group Ltd

Our Roadmap

Phase One

Initial Legacy Locket Platform Launch

Users can create, share and stamp legacies to our blockchain. Chosen “Legacy Executors” can update and edit a loved one’s legacy and stamp to the blockchain.

Phase Two

Giftable Marketplace Launch & 3rd-Party Blockchains

Enable our customers to own, gift, and share digital keepsakes such as NFT’s (non-fungible tokens). Enable users to “lock” their legacy into 3rd party blockchains, such as Bitcoin.

Phase Three

Legacy Locket Platform Expansion

Expand users functionalities to include delayed messaging, gift giving and connections for family tree building. Launch of Legacy Locket's own line of NFT digital gifts and interface with real-world gift companies.

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