Verify and Own Your Data

VeriToken is building a platform that creates a much-needed layer of trust & transparency in the digital space.

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Verify and Own Your Data

VeriToken is building a platform that creates a much-needed layer of trust & transparency in the digital space.

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A Way to Reclaim Your Information.

Data fidelity is a huge concern in the information age. A U.S. president was elected, in part, due to the importance of this issue. Data security, privacy and ownership are increasingly significant matters—not just to corporations, but to individuals as well. High-profile data breaches and “fake news” permeate
the culture, and they all have a single, silver bullet solution: eliminate data silos and give each individual ownership of their own data via blockchain.

Once given the tools to manage and license their own datastores via blockchain, a user will reap the benefits as an individual, and as a result will the society at large.

Why Blockchain? Why VeriToken?

VeriToken is building a platform that creates a much-needed layer of trust and transparency in the job market as well as industries where the verification of personal information and provenance is critical.

Put simply, we are a blockchain protocol enabling verified user-owned data where data brokers can pay individuals for their contact information and time. The tokens allow for privacy and control for individuals engaged on platforms that utilize VeriToken for their social graph backplane. Individuals can choose when their information is in the public domain and when it is hidden.

Use Cases

Human Resources

Although in recent years the number of jobs filled have increased overall, it has disproportionately come from higher-skilled professions. With this escalation in professional jobs, the demand from employers has increased dramatically. With the average job posting now receiving 240 resume applications, it has become more difficult than ever for candidates to stand out and for employers to find and verify the right hire.

For candidates, the tokens allow for confidentiality and control. Individuals can choose when their resumes and personal information are in the public domain and when they are hidden.

For recruiters, the database allows for ultimate searchability (due to uniformity in skills presentation sets), the ability to guarantee candidate engagement, and a black box negotiating tool that helps both sides gain insight into whether an opportunity is worth pursuing.

Government & Identity

Citizenship has become a hot topic as of late, primarily around undocumented immigration and border protection. It’s extremely difficult for governments to verify people’s identities, citizenship status, passports, driver’s licenses and visas in a timely manner because the process requires a substantial amount of time and effort, and bureaucracy.

VeriToken offers citizens the ability to quickly verify and update their citizenship status, passport, driver’s license, visa and all government documentation. This allows people to control their own data and show government officials that they are indeed citizens of a particular country, alleviating some of the bureaucratic concerns such as lost documents, incorrect information or other “red tape” issues that are typically associated when dealing with government entities.

Food Provenance

The increased collective consumer desire to buy directly from other people has led to a burgeoning industry of counterfeits, as well as product mislabeling claiming foodstuffs of incorrect sourcing or origin, such as false claims of being “Organic!” The counterfeit goods industry is now a $461 billion industry that is growing by the day. As certain products have become more popular (for example, Rolex watches and Adidas and Yeezy sneakers), the number of fakes has increased and their quality has much improved.

VeriToken solves this problem by allowing corporate entities not just individuals—to use VeriToken. Every SKU and shipped product can be individually logged on its product journey from manufacturer or grower to the end consumer.

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of rules about how companies should process the personal data of data subjects. GDPR lays out responsibilities for organisations to ensure the privacy and protection of personal data, provides data subjects with certain rights, and assigns powers to regulators to ask for demonstrations of accountability or even impose fines in cases where an organisation is not complying with GDPR requirements.

Some of these requirements, VeriToken can help with; others, not so much. Let’s see which ones VeriToken can help with and how.

GDPR Requirements

1) Lawful, fair and transparent processing

2) Limitation of purpose, data and storage

3) Data subject rights

4) Consent

5) Personal data breaches

6) Privacy by Design

7) Data Protection Impact Assessment

8) Data transfers

9) Data Protection Officer

10) Awareness and training

VeriToken Solutions

2) VeriToken provides user with clear disclosure of data retention intent accessible by any corporate data holder.

3) Data Subject Rights: VeriToken offers users the ability to clearly and conspicuously communicate their preference on how their data should be handled.

4) VeriToken has heretofore technologically infeasible individual data licensing capabilities, which incentivize users to be stewards and maintainers of their own data.

6) Blockchain data provenance is inherently "Privacy by Design," only granting access to data when the user deems it so.

8) Data transfers are User-Initiated, not permisionless and obfuscated from user-view.

Meet The Team

Devon Zielinski

Devon Zielinski


  • Nat. Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Wharton grant recipient
  • MIT StartIAP Alum
Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins


  • IBM Futurist
  • Blockchain Evangelist ca 2011
  • Partner, Barista Ventures
Anne Ward

Anne Ward


  • Founder: CircleClick Media
  • O’Reilly Author
  • Former Webmaster, Apple
Daniel Vaughan

Daniel Vaughan

Director of IR

  • Financial Analyst, Nestle
  • BBA Finance: Texas Christian University

Meet Craig Fisher, VeriToken Advisor

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