Blockchain News

74% of major companies see “compelling” case for blockchain

21 May, 2018

The vast majority of companies in a recent survey understand the potential behind commercial blockchain technology and plan on moving forward with it.

Deep dive: countdown to compliance with the GDPR

18 May, 2018

As the GDPR compliance deadline nears in the EU, the world prepares in advance of the new order.

DHS official to Congress: blockchain applications “almost limitless”

17 May, 2018

In an attempt to bring the importance of blockchain knowledge to the forefront, Congress has opened up a wider discussion between industries and the government.

30% of financial executives plan to commit resources to blockchain

16 May, 2018

A survey shows that 30 percent of executives in the financial industry see the benefits of utilizing blockchain technology for their businesses.

22 European countries form blockchain partnership

15 May, 2018

A declaration on the establishment of a European Blockchain Partnership has been signed by 22 European countries.

Protecting your privacy while online dating

14 May, 2018

Following these guidelines can protect your privacy and keep you safer when using online dating sites.

4 tips for writing a resume fresh out of college

11 May, 2018

Creating the most engaging resume when you’re just out of college can better prepare you for entering the job market.

Blockchain catches attention of U.S. federal government

10 May, 2018

The United States federal government is pursuing blockchain technology for its potential applications in security and health.

GDPR compliance a growing concern for businesses

9 May, 2018

The GDPR privacy laws in the European Union will affect many businesses worldwide, and U.S.-based companies should be prepared to comply with the regulations. 

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