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Security risks in online dating apps

19 April, 2018

A recent Kaspersky Labs investigation shows security risks are common in popular online dating apps, leaving users vulnerable to identity theft, harassment, and hacking. 

Digital marketing and the impact of blockchain

18 April, 2018

Digital marketing can use blockchain to streamline ad campaigns, build trust with consumers, and eliminate middlemen in an effort to maximize profits.

To trust in brands, trust in blockchain

17 April, 2018

In a world where trust is in short supply, blockchain can help to restore brand integrity.

Enhancing location-based advertising with blockchain

16 April, 2018

Location-based advertising can be highly effective when paired with blockchain technology and the security and value it provides.

Swipe right for blockchain in online dating apps

13 April, 2018

Implementing blockchain technology in online dating platforms can result in better matches, more authenticity, and increased security for users.

Background checks with blockchain in job recruiting

12 April, 2018

Blockchain technology can be used for background checks in the job recruitment process—reducing costs and instantly verifying a candidate’s education and employment history.

The hiring process stands to gain from blockchain

11 April, 2018

By integrating blockchain technology, the hiring process could become simpler, faster, and more trustworthy for applicants and recruiters alike.

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