Company Update: Announcing the Launch of Legacy Locket

4 June, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, June 4, 2019 — Today, blockchain verification company Veritoken Global announces the launch of their new flagship product, Legacy Locket. This new offering will establish a digital record to be protected indefinitely within the blockchain. This technology helps create a personalized legacy, showcasing key moments in life for future generations to access and learn from. Verified and protected within the blockchain, Legacy Locket will house chosen personal data and preferences, allowing one to live forever within the blockchain.

“We’re excited to embark on this new path of preserving legacy within the blockchain,” shares CEO Anne Ahola Ward. She continues, “From our own personal experiences of handling the aftermath of the passing of loved ones, we knew there must be a better way to organize the remaining elements of someone’s digital presence. This is a missing need that blockchain can solve better than any other technology out there.”

Similar to a trophy case of life’s great accomplishments, the Legacy Locket supports users in preserving their digital moments to be shared with family and friends, always. Veritoken Global is inviting a limited number of participants to their Beta program to experience the first iteration of Legacy Locket. People interested in blockchain, community, and protecting their personal story are asked to apply by visiting our website.

Coinciding with their new product, Veritoken Global is excited to have their STO listed across multiple transaction sites, including STO Analytics, Coin Schedule, ICO Bazaar, and ICO Scroll, amongst others. The Veritoken STO will have been live for 3 months, raising over $1M with their pre-sale the STO, concluding on July 4, 2019. This STO has helped enable the company to scale to meet demand for the verification-based solutions while leading the blockchain ecosystem with best practices, founded in CEO Anne Ahola Ward’s creation of The Veritoken Bill of Rights.

About Veritoken Global

Veritoken Global utilizes the power of blockchain to verify individual data. By storing personal information to be guarded for the longevity of the blockchain, Veritoken Global is able to authenticate and conserve personal data long-term. This includes their recent product offering, Legacy Locket by Veritoken Global, which enables users to create a digital record of their lives to be secured within the blockchain for future generations.


For more information, please contact Ashley Hayes at

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