Crypto fever reaches Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2018

5 June, 2018

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2018 report, released last week, shows a significant increase in worldwide interest in cryptocurrency this past year. Meeker, a partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, specializes in digital industries for the firm. She was involved in KPCB’s investments in Spotify, Twitter, Waze, and Groupon, among others, and currently serves on the board of Square. With her background as a Wall Street securities analyst and her continued work with cutting-edge technologies, she has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening online right here and now.

What the report shows

Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report is globally renowned for its comprehensive analysis of the digital and tech industry. This year, it covers everything from immigration to Alibaba’s head-butting competition with Amazon in China. Slide 20 of the 294-page report shows that cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase nearly quadrupled its number of users from January to November of 2017. However, it’s important to note that the report did not cover December, when bitcoin nearly doubled in value to $19,000 USD, so it’s likely that the full year’s numbers are even higher.

Another slide in the report lists Princeton’s “Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies” among the top 10 Coursera courses of 2017. Over 33 million users now use the platform, up 30% annually. The surge of individuals and businesses using Coursera, along with the popularity of the cryptocurrency course, demonstrate that many people are becoming more interested in using and understanding bitcoin and blockchain tech.

Other developments

Meeker’s report also showed that over 3.6 billion people are connected to the internet as of 2017—more than doubling since 2009 and comprising 49% of the global population. Nearly 450 million Wi-Fi networks are in operation as well.

Consumers are beginning to pay more attention to data privacy, especially with the run-up to GDPR implementation. When there’s a clear benefit, 79 percent of U.S. consumers are willing to share their personal data with companies—but they’re also taking action to protect their data online, such as by disabling cookies, deleting certain apps, and adjusting privacy settings. Online platforms are responding by becoming more transparent about privacy and making consumer privacy tools more clear and accessible.

With the burgeoning worldwide interest in cryptocurrency and data privacy, VeriToken is poised to fill a much-needed gap in trust and transparency in the digital space. We’re excited to see what’s around the corner as people become more connected than ever.



Image via Wikimedia Commons.

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