Hello from the Veritoken Global CEO

29 January, 2019


I am proud to be Veritoken Global’s CEO. Helping startups in Silicon Valley find their path to revenue has been my focus for the past decade. Leading this company is not a responsibility to be taken lightly, because there is much work we must do.

The NY Times once called me “the Sheriff” and CNN dubbed me “the Mother of Startups.” Truth be told – I am both of those things, which means I will fight for this company with everything I’ve got. I will call in every favor, use every connection and close every deal that I can in order to ensure Veritoken’s success.

You might be asking, why Veritoken? Because I believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. Your unique identity should be just that… Yours. People should be able to own their own data. For far too long the large tech companies have held unfettered power to re-market and sell everything we hold dear, from our birthdays to our political and religious beliefs. It’s long been understood in the tech industry that if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. The time has come to challenge this notion.

My vision for Veritoken spans beyond identity, and to start creating transparency and trust in a world of uncertainty. Crypto feels unapproachable to most people; it is seen as a place where vandals run free and no one can be trusted. It’s been said in the press that “data is the new oil” and this provides us with a key opportunity because the majority of data is still unstructured. Consumers are increasingly frustrated with the status quo.

We will be sprinting toward our ICO and the new date will be announced once we’re confident with our math (Tokenomics). We’ve got a lean team working on everything from restoring partnerships to finishing the product, but make no mistake – this is a very talented and dedicated team.


Please feel free to connect with or follow me on social media:

LinkedIn – http://linkedin.com/in/annebot

Twitter – https://twitter.com/annebot

Background – AnneAholaWard.com


Thank you,
Anne A. Ward

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