Introducing the Veritoken Global Bill of Rights

5 March, 2019

Dear People of the Internet,

We need to find new ways of expending our social capital. As a society, we can’t rely on big tech companies for everything — look where our blind trust has led us. We have entered the post-privacy era. Everywhere we go cameras can record us, credit and mobile phone companies track our movements while various machines and networks lurking in between try to evaluate that data. Notions of privacy we once had no longer exist. We trust nothing, consume everything, and what way is that to live? We do not benefit from being scared, or from mass consumption; we only benefit from getting smarter.

Technology, when inaccessible, becomes isolating and therefore limiting. The future is going to be led by distributed organizations that blur boundaries and actually administer their resources rather than hold onto them. How do we enter this new phase with our eyes open? How do we regain the trust that’s been lost? Simply put, we need new tools. With blockchain technology comes great responsibility.

Cryptocurrency is a tool, a tool that is comprised of information. Information is power, and we need to take our power back. I don’t just believe in change, I believe in creating systems that will facilitate change.

Anne Ahola Ward
CEO, Veritoken Global

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