Swipe right for blockchain in online dating apps

13 April, 2018

Once a taboo in the relationship world, online dating is becoming the default way to meet potential partners. Both younger and older generations have taken to social media platforms and dating apps in hopes of sparking new relationships. Whether people were early adopters or are recent converts to online dating, the game has basically stayed the same over the years: “Users create profiles intended to exhibit the best possible impression (sometimes to the point of exaggeration or lying) before other users make selections based on limited information if they are interested.” While this method results in a boon for app developers, it can be a definite bust for relationship-seekers.

The lack of transparency and honesty in online dating—and few incentives to cultivate honesty—can discourage users from finding their best matches, or even from participating at all. However, technology evolves and so do relationship apps. Many companies are now experimenting with blockchain technology to improve some of the flaws in the current models.

How blockchain increases transparency in online dating apps

Some studies have found that “over 50% of all people who have used online dating platforms have lied to people they have met online.” On apps like Tinder, the goal is to find as many potential matches as possible, not to be the most authentic version of yourself. However, blockchain is designed with transparency, authenticity, and privacy in mind. A tamper-proof digital ledger verifies information and prevents it from being retroactively altered. When implemented into dating apps, blockchain allows users to share information more authentically while maintaining adequate security and privacy. For instance, verification within an app can ensure accurate photos and descriptions are being loaded by members.

This means blockchain can allow for more accurate details, better matches, increased security, and can allow anonymous users to participate as matchmakers. Dating apps that use blockchain technology can even “create incentives for honesty and good behavior” with the use of digital tokens. Better dates thanks to blockchain? That’s something worth swiping right for.


Image via Wikimedia Commons


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