Veritoken Company Update: SXSW

1 March, 2019

When our CEO Anne Ahola Ward began in her new role, she promised to make Veritoken Global a market leader in Blockchain. Pulling together all her resources, Anne united the Veritoken team under one vision: facilitating the adoption of Non-Fungible tokens in order to increase data privacy and control.

SXSW is the world’s summit of the top internet marketers, it takes place annually in Austin, Texas. It’s a conference that Anne knows well as a former Austinite, an O’Reilly Author, Futurist and frequent speaker. This year our CEO will be making multiple appearances in order to represent us at the festival. Most importantly, Anne will be meeting with key members of the press to discuss Veritoken’s bill of rights, which is a call to arms for the Blockchain industry.

Are you interested in following SXSW interactive? Here’s where to find us at the festival:

Stage appearances

You might have seen Anne on TV, giving data privacy tips on shows like FOX26, but this time you can meet her in person at SXSW as she joins a team of women called the CryptoVixens on stage. The 11 AM talk on March 10th, titled “Minting the Future,” will be led by Adryenn Ashley and will feature Carrie Eldridge, Keller Fisher, Monika Proffitt, and, of course, Anne as well. The ladies will share tips on how startups can qualify for seed funding, what to give investors in exchange for capital, and the different kinds of investments.

Anne will also be speaking at this year’s Yurhouse activation. (Time and date TBD)

TV appearances

To kick off this year’s SXSW on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, Anne will be appearing on San Antonio’s CBS KENS-TV at 9 am in the morning. She’ll be talking about a topic she knows quite well, social media predictions as well as privacy. This will be Anne’s second TV appearance in San Antonio and her fifth appearance in Texas.


Anne will be interviewed on several podcasts during SXSW, including The Crypto Chick podcast and The Reset hosted by the incredible Laura Mignott.

An updated Whitepaper

ICOs are out, STOs are in. With the change in our classification, we’ve been updating our tokenomics and whitepaper in preparation for our STO announcement. The whitepaper is now available and will give those interested an inside look at how we plan to tackle data privacy while accelerating the Non-fungible token marketplace.

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