Veritoken Global STO Launch

3 April, 2019

For the past week, we’ve been celebrating #WomenFirst with a countdown to a special announcement from Team Veritoken Global. From Hedy Lamarr, co-inventor of WiFi technology during World War II, to Ava Lovelace, the first female computer programmer, we’ve recognized some of the great “firsts” and major achievements of women in history.

And now, we present our very own CEO Anne Ahola Ward, the first woman to launch a security token offering (STO) under the ERC884 standard.

That’s right: today we’re officially launching Veritoken’s STO!

Here’s what you need to know.

A New Paradigm for Data Sovereignty

Over the past several months, Ward and the Veritoken Global team have worked tirelessly to bring our vision to life: facilitating the adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain to increase data privacy and control.

There’s a reason our tagline is “Verify and Own Your Data.” In the world today, individual people don’t have a method of controlling their own data. Major companies keep our personal information in their monolithic data silos, profiting from the information they manage to glean about us. Isn’t it time to change the status quo?

As Ward puts it, “Cryptocurrency is a tool, a tool that is comprised of information. Information is power, and we need to take our power back.”

At Veritoken Global, we’re working hard to bring a new paradigm into reality. One where you can control access to your verified personal data – and you are compensated for your time and information with tokens on the blockchain.

The Veritoken platform opens up a whole new world where data is verified to be true and users control when their information is visible, ultimately benefiting not only individuals but also public institutions and businesses. Most importantly, our platform can usher in a new era of equality and inclusion, where unbanked populations around the world can gain IDs and access financial resources, and human trafficking can one day be abolished.

STO Launch and What’s Next

We’re incredibly proud of the steps we’ve taken to get to where we are today, and the work we’re doing at Veritoken Global to make the world a better place.

With the launch of our STO today, we’re inviting you to support our cause and help us in our goal of giving people their power back. Check out our roadmap here – and look for us on ICO / STO listing sites like STO Check, STO Scope, and ICO Bazaar!

The Veritoken STO will be active from April 3rd through July 3rd, 2019, open to U.S.-based accredited investors. To learn all the technical details, you can download our white paper here. And for more about our mission, check out the Veritoken Bill of Rights.

Today we’re taking the first big leap toward a future of individual data verification, privacy, and security. Join us on this important journey as we revolutionize the data industry!

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