VeriToken: what we’re all about

8 June, 2018

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to feel like your personal information is as safe as possible. Data security, privacy, and ownership are just as vital on a personal level as they are for corporations and governments. At VeriToken, we’re working to put the control back in your hands.

We believe in a paradigm where individuals have ownership and complete control over their own personal data. Our goal is to bring transparency and mutual benefit to the marketplace: if you have the ability to manage and license your own data, then you can be compensated for allowing access to your personal information. Currently, this is not how the system works, but blockchain technology offers the ability to do it.

The value of VeriToken

Our platform is a database of blockchain-verified personal information where users pay candidates and interested parties directly for their contact information and time. The VT token allows for confidentiality and control for all candidates.

Thanks to the level of security that blockchain provides, the VeriToken platform ensures that third parties cannot access a user’s personal data without explicit consent. Individuals can also choose when their information is in the public domain and when it is hidden. All information is transparent and can be updated in real time—and since blockchain technology is decentralized, this information cannot be hacked or edited after-the-fact, which improves trust in users’ credentials.

With VeriToken’s platform, job seekers (for example) can choose when and where their personal information can be seen, by whom, and how much to charge for access. Recruiters and HR professionals can use the platform’s ultimate searchability to find applicants that are more qualified for the position, with their credentials verified on the blockchain and their engagement virtually guaranteed. Inaccurate data is thus removed, and expensive intermediary background-checking services are eliminated from the equation. Not only that, but other information stored on the blockchain—like skill sets, job history, and experience—will enable machine learning and AI to quickly find the ideal candidate for a given position.

For uses outside of traditional employment, our blockchain-based platform will boost the gig economy and can also be used for verification and time compensation within marketing, education, networking, and online dating. Our “privacy-by-design” framework is ultimately GDPR-compliant as well, an important feature for international appeal and usability.

Our team, with proven results

VeriToken is run and advised by Jim Durbin. Jim Durbin is one of the most well connected and respected recruiting experts in the industry.


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