#WomenFirst: Countdown to a Special Announcement

27 March, 2019

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we’re launching our #WomenFirst campaign as a countdown to a special announcement next week from our CEO Anne Ahola Ward. (Check back here for the exciting news on April 3rd!)

#WomenFirst is a celebration of the women in history who have made remarkable contributions in their respective fields, achieving important “firsts” in areas like technology, computer science, and law. We’re kicking things off with a nod to Hedy Lamarr, who shattered stereotypes and broke new ground for women in tech with her achievements as an inventor and communications pioneer.

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram channels over the next week as we highlight some of the incredible women trailblazers of the past century!

Celebrating Women in Blockchain

At Veritoken Global, we’re proud of our commitment to inclusion and diversity. With the engaged blockchain community being just 9 percent female, it’s crucial for more women to enter the space and bring with them a new perspective and insight on the issues that impact everyone.

Gender balance in the blockchain world is an issue close to the heart of our CEO, Anne Ahola Ward. Recently featured in a Forbes article about influential women shaping the blockchain landscape, she commented on her own efforts to support the inclusion of women.

“[I]t’s important to point out that the Veritoken C-suite is two-thirds female,” said Ward. “It’s a passion of mine to bring more women developers into the company.”

Additionally, the Veritoken Advisory Board purposefully includes a number of women: Brittany Kaiser, co-founder of the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA); Monica Puchner, CEO of Hilo, and our newest member of the Advisory Board, Naomi Assaraf, the founder and CMO of cloudHQ. We are thrilled to have these three incredible women on our board, and look forward to continue working with them as we grow Veritoken Global!

Using Blockchain to Solve Global Problems

At Veritoken we’re working hard to solve many of the problems faced by women and other vulnerable groups around the world. With the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain, we’re tackling issues like lack of access to photo IDs and bank accounts – which disproportionately affect women and others living in poverty. And even more significant is the way blockchain can have an impact on human trafficking.

“Prevention of human trafficking is the most important thing blockchain can do for the world and this can be done through the unique data built into NFTs, since this provides for data sovereignty and privacy,” said Ward.

That’s the legacy we hope to have: ushering in a new era of data ownership and control for every person – regardless of gender, race, or financial means – in our post-privacy world.

As Ward puts it, “Cryptocurrency is a tool, a tool that is comprised of information. Information is power, and we need to take our power back. I don’t just believe in change, I believe in creating systems that will facilitate change.”

Perhaps such change is closer than we all thought possible…

Be sure to check back here for our special announcement on Wednesday, April 3rd!

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