Tag: online dating

Research: online dating may lead to stronger, more diverse relationships

31 May, 2018

Research indicates that online dating leads to stronger and more diverse relationships than traditional dating.

Protecting your privacy while online dating

14 May, 2018

Following these guidelines can protect your privacy and keep you safer when using online dating sites.

The essential dos and don’ts of online dating

27 April, 2018

The following dos and don’ts of online dating will help you narrow your matches, make conversation, and keep you safe as you search for your next date.

Security risks in online dating apps

19 April, 2018

A recent Kaspersky Labs investigation shows security risks are common in popular online dating apps, leaving users vulnerable to identity theft, harassment, and hacking. 

Swipe right for blockchain in online dating apps

13 April, 2018

Implementing blockchain technology in online dating platforms can result in better matches, more authenticity, and increased security for users.



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