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Did you know that Bitcoin is set to break all its previous records and double its value by the end of 2021? If you invest in Bitcoin now, whilst it averages at around £35,000 to £45,000 per coin, then you’re almost guaranteed to more than double your investment come December. Still not convinced? Here’s what the last 12 years of Bitcoin has taught us and what it means for you.

Bitcoin Over The Years

Since its inception in January of 2009, Bitcoin has seen the biggest growth of any currency that has come before. Its growth has been so huge, that it took even the world’s most influential finance experts by surprise, who considered the popularity of cryptocurrency to be one that would be “over in a flash”. Luckily for Bitcoin and its thousands of early investors, it’s gone on to be valued at over £35,000 as of 2021, reaching heights of over £55,000 in late April.

So why has it become so popular? There are many theories as to why cryptocurrency is becoming more widely used. One of the theories is because it provides a much safer layer of protection and security compared to standard currencies. For example, Bitcoin uses blockchain technology for extra security, meaning your funds are far safer than standard currencies that are in use. Other theories suggest that its popularity is down to the thousands of people that have been made Bitcoin millionaires over the past decade, which has spurred more and more people to buy and invest in Bitcoin. People have started employing trading robots to buy and sell Bitcoins, which also has contributed greatly to the Bitcoin price increase. Legitimate trading robots, such as Bitcoin Rush, are expanding the number of investment opportunities available to traders, with significant profit margins. After reading the Bitcoin Rush erfahrungen offered by consumers, you will be able to comprehend how this robot operates, perform test trading, and assess the robot’s seriousness.

It could be argued that Bitcoin has become more mainstream since the likes of tech entrepreneur Elon Musk publicly spoke about his use of Bitcoin and why its “the future of currency”. He’s been an ambassador for Bitcoin for the past few years, so much so that he put $300 billion worth of Bitcoin onto Tesla’s books which is set to make them a substantial profit come December 2021.

Big Bitcoin Investors

Musk isn’t the only big Bitcoin investor, there’s a number of world-renowned CEOs and even Hollywood celebrities that have profited from their Bitcoin investments. Interestingly, there’s been a new market for Bitcoin, with hedge fund companies now actively investing in Bitcoin, especially when the value sees a dip, which is a complete game-changer for the cryptocurrency. They use Crypto CopyFund, specially-made for hedge fund crypto investments, which allows them to not only buy and invest in Bitcoin, but also in its competitors including Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash.

Bitcoin investments aren’t popular with just hedge fund companies, many tech-based businesses are also using Bitcoin. Take MicroStrategy as a prime example, a public company that now has Bitcoin has its biggest reserve asset, which is a huge leap from the conventional business set ups. They’re not the only ones, Ruffer Investment Company gave Bitcoin 2.5% of its “Multi-Strategies Fund”, equating to a huge amount of money taken from traditional currencies and put instead on the cryptocurrency. Ruffer Investment Company said that it was a security measure that they’ve taken against the decrease in the world’s major currencies value.

Use Of Cryptocurrency Across The World

It’s not just big, powerful companies that are utilising Bitcoin investments, there are people all across the world that are actively buying and selling the cryptocurrency. It’s reported that there are thousands of self-made Bitcoin millionaires, and even a few Bitcoin billionaires.

In the USA alone, 14% of the entire population owns Bitcoin, and this figure is set to continuously increase in the next few years. If it does, Bitcoin will be one of the most popular and well-used currencies in America, which could cause ripples across the financial markets.

In recent months, Japan’s government announced that it will now accept cryptocurrency as a valid currency for payment, making it the first country in the world to accept it. Financial forecasters are predicting that it won’t be long before other countries, especially those in the West and other Asian countries, follow suit. The result? A mass buying of Bitcoin, making the value of Bitcoin surge far higher than it has ever been before. That’s why investing now is key to making sure you don’t miss out.

What Do The Experts Say

Financial experts have been wrong at almost every turn when it comes to Bitcoin. They initially thought that it wouldn’t prove very popular, especially since no one had ever been exposed to cryptocurrency before. However, Bitcoin soon took off and over the past decade, has grown its user base consistently. With more users and buyers comes greater value and that’s exactly what Bitcoin has continued to see.

They have, however, suffered a couple of big blows since their inception, mainly in 2018 and 2021. The Bitcoin crash of 2018 is known as the breaking of the “cryptocurrency bubble” and was considered to spell “the end of crypto”. Although it took a tremendous toll on Bitcoin, having lost over 80% of their value in a very short period of time, they proved all of the experts wrong and managed to work their way back up to the financial ladder and even break their own value records. Why? Because when Bitcoin’s value dropped so low, so many people believed that it would eventually pick up again that they invested whilst it was cheaper causing the value to increase.

Why You Should Invest In Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s impressive history so far has taught us that they can overcome financial crashes, dips in the market, outshine their competitors and remain as a market-leader regardless of what happens in the cryptocurrency industry. This means that when you invest, you will undoubtedly make money, even if you see Bitcoin’s value drop. The best part? Now is the time to do it. If other countries follow Japan’s lead and approve cryptocurrency as a valid currency then the price of Bitcoin will soar far beyond our reach.